Brasilia, Brazil,

2006-07-27 to 2006-07-30

  Brasília Kriya Yoga Center

The Celebration of Baba's Birth Centenary in Brasília was a wonderful and blessed moment which lasted for six days with Paramahamsa Prajnanananda and Don Baba.

The main event was on the 26th of July. Tomaz Lima Ba sang some mantras and holy chants and Paramahamsaji gave a beautiful and inspiring talk. The event had been announced in the main newspaper and TV station of Brasília and so the auditorium was completely filled with more than 500 people.

The public was so touched by Swamiji’s talk that when he asked for questions no one raised their hands — All answers has been already given!

The following evening, a small celebration was held at the meditation center to officially launch the release of Baba’s “Kriya Yoga” book in Portuguese by Lótus do Saber Publishing House. Our main goal for Baba’s centenary was to have this book published so that Baba’s unique teachings on Kriya Yoga would now be accessible in Portuguese for a broader public. It was a very special moment for all present.

The weekend Kriya initiation program took place in a beautiful, natural surrounding out in the country with sixty-seven initiations. It was a weekend of peace, love, and devotion.

There are no words to describe how our souls have been filled with love and blessings by the presence of Paramahamsa Prajnanananda, by Baba’s living presence, and by the presence of the Gurus during these blessed days.

Our beloved Baba Hariharanandaji is completing 100 years, and his divine love, presence, and guidance is present in our lives for eternity. Our deepest gratitude to God, our deepest gratitude to Baba.