Phoenix, AZ

2006-06-13 to 2006-06-14

The Phoenix center and community were deeply blessed by the kriya program presented by Swami Samaparanananda and Yogacharya Bhadrayu Pandya. Swamiji spoke at our center on “Finding Peace in the Midst of Inner and Outer Turmoil.” The attendees were so inspired that they are interest in learning Kriya Yoga.

The following day Swamiji spoke at Inner Vision Yoga Center on “Removing Resistance and Living a Life of Peace, Joy, and Balance.” All were moved by his loving ways and his inspirational guidance. Meditation classes were held.

This program helped our center grow in numbers and all said how their Kriya practiced has deepened. The teachers taught us though their loving silence, words, and actions. With love and gratitude to all who made this event possible.