Dallas, TX

2006-06-08 to 2006-06-11

Centenary Celebration at Dallas Kriya Yoga Center

The centenary event was blessed with Gurudev’s presence.

There was a panel of spiritual leaders from various different faiths who guided meditation or prayer from their tradition. It lasted for nearly three hours and almost all 300 participants stayed in silence the entire event meditating and praying in celebration of Gurudev’s birth and contribution to this world. The Dallas Center could not think of a greater gift for Gurudev – a room full of people, across all religions, meditating together!

Paramahamsa Prajnanananda started the event with a brief description of the international centenary events. Yogacharya Suresh and Swami Samarpanananda spoke about Kriya Yoga. Paramahamsaji then guided meditation, a breathing exercise for the public audience for about 15-20 minutes. Each spiritual leader from the Unitarian, Buddhist, Jewish, and Science of the Mind described their religion and the origins of their meditation.

The attendees came from all over the Dallas area – we had radio, newspaper, and email advertisements followed by hundreds of flyers distributed all over the city. The spiritual leaders also included the flyers on their websites and mentioned the event in their services.